We invoice the fees in advance.
We charge the expenses after the job is done.
We have a one week deadline for payment.

The booking is binding

You pay full price if you cancel.
Changes count as a cancellation and a new booking.
Say, change of date, language, or language direction.

Interpreting teams

Jobs of more than one hour require 2 interpreters
in order that they take turns.


Good interpreting requires plentiful breaks.

Solo-interpreters must get a 10 minute break
after every half hour they work.
All interpreters must have a one hour lunch break.
Planned breaks may not be shrinked or postponed.

Technical equipment

Good interpreting requires good working conditions.

An interpreting booth is ideal.
For jobs of more than one hour, it is necessary.

Whispered interpreting
is not ideal.
Hire headsets with incoming sound
and hand-FREE microphone.

will only be translated if the sound goes through.

The client and the technician are responsible for the equipment.
It must work flawlessly during the entire job.
A technician must be present in the room at all times.

The audience may not gesture or address the interpreters while we work, as this ruins our concentration.


The interpreters must have a free view to the speakers and any slides.
Place whispering interpreters at a large distance from the audience,
so that we don't disturb the audience, and they don't disturb us.

Other equipment

We need a table and chairs, light and wifi, water and tea,
because we take notes and look up terms on the Internet,
and we need to keep our voices working.


Good interpreting requires focused preparation.

Please send us the programme when you book.
Email us all relevant documents to prepare from,
on Friday before the assignment at the latest.
Also do print a copy for each interpreter of all documents.


Talk to the head of the team about the job at hand.
Contact the agency about the agreement and new bookings.


The interpreters have the copyright to their speech.
Interpreting is only meant to function then and there.
Recording requires written consent from the agency.

New bookings

Once you book an interpreter through the agency,
you may only hire said interpreter through us in the future.
This is to ensure the sustainability of our brokering.



We ride on 1st class in trains,
and take a taxi to and from the station.
We use flexible flight tickets.

We leave home at 6 a.m. at the earliest,
and return at 10 p.m. at the latest.
If that is not possible, you pay for a hotel.

Force majeure

You pay full price if the job cannot be carried out.
You cover all expenses if we cannot get home after the job.

The speeches

Good interpreting requires good speeches.
What works for interpreting, works for an audience too.

The speakers must speak their mother tongue.
They certainly must master the chosen language very well,
and stick to one language.

They should speak freely from notes.
They should speak in simple sentence structures,
and avoid getting lost in sub-clauses.

are not recommended.
If used, they must be handed out to the interpreters,
and the speaker must stick to them word for word.
It is the only way we may keep up with  loud reading.

The interpreters must have access in writing to any listing of numbers,
because numbers are very difficult to keep track of.

Breaching of the terms of business

Breaching the terms of business costs DKK 2.200 excl. VAT.